Celebrate. Everyday.


Whether you have joy radiating your day or you have grey whimsical clouds covering it;
everyday is an adventure.
Celebrate it.


Hear me Roar!

With every new sunrise, the voices turned into whispers and further, into silence. 
Hit by the notions of normal and tied by the demons of self doubt.
 Until one night, they stood up with their stumbling legs. 
The silence broke and the voices roared.
Roared loud enough to create echoes.
Roared loud enough to attain freedom.

Endearing Tiny Human.

“What is her name?”

“Sangam. Her name has a story. Her God Father was at a place named Triveni Sangam (confluence of the three rivers, Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati) when he got the news that she was born. It seemed fitting to name her so.”

And since then, she’s been called the most endearing tiny human by everyone who has ever met her.
This is for Sangam, on her birthday as she spreads joy and nests in everyone’s heart. 
Happy Birthday, Sangam :)

Like a Bird


No creatures on earth travel quite like birds do. 
They soar the skies and land in new places.
They see the world from a different perspective, one to which all real travelers aspire. 
To explore unintended lands and skies, to meet extravagant souls and to overcome this otherwise, impossible lives that we live.
Next vacation, when you set your foot out in another land, travel more like a bird, like a traveler and not a tourist. 

PS: With the new year coming by, we intend to be more active in this space and we’ll bring a new post every Wednesday (well, we’ll at least try our best.)

Happy 2014, folks! :D


You aren’t original.
You are a combined effort of everybody you have ever known
or of the books you have read and the places you have explored.
You are the creator, created from all these combined forces.
You are the fusion of everything that you have ever experienced.



Our entire existence is based on the laws of two.
The good and the bad. The angels and the demons. The black and the white.
However, we fail to acknowledge the streak of colours that our everyday life is.
The different array of people who aren’t good or bad.
Who aren’t halo laden angels, but they don’t have horns either.
It’s not in B&W, it’s colourful and chaotic.

It’s the everyday phenomenon of our colour driven beautiful life.

From Roots to Wings.

The thing about monotony is that while it helps us stay secure and stable,
it doesn’t roar our hearts in a way we secretly find magnificent.
That is what growth does.
It shakes us from our roots and takes us to the sky.
Higher and above, from roots to wings.

Tiny Humans

As an adult. Ahem. 
(What? I have been an adult for 6 months now, I know everything about it.) 
I feel great sense of jealousy when I look at a child.

Smiling, waving away in joy with their spirits running free, laughing around with half teeth being in blissful oblivion of what is undoubtedly coming, grasping on blind faith in their balmy blues, making and destroying sand castles and being a tiny, tiny human.

Why shouldn’t I? Afterall, they have so very much, and are aware of so very little. 
They are tiny humans with their tiny bubble wrapped happiness.