Thanda Maane?

Thanda Maane?


Summer’s coming!

Summer’s in the view and so barges in the sales of the ever-loving beverage.
(I’m sorry, I am a commerce student, can’t figure out how not to think of the money they make.)

There was not much I could say on a beverage (Apart from their sales figures, of course.)
So I let a Coke Lover do the talking. And that’s what she said:

“I feel anything that makes you happy in any form is good for you even if it isn’t good for your health or life. My this one addiction makes me happy, I’m a cokearine (A term my friends have given me). Coke makes me happy like literally HAPPYEEEE. And it is just not the drink but also the way Coca Cola’s advertisements stand out, all those graffitis and walls which are painted with Coca Cola around the city and the process of how Coca Cola is made which I love and which interests me. Believe me I don’t have the words to say how happy that red colour makes me. So well I’ll let my customized name do the talking. iLAVCoke.”
– Lavanya Singh

Toss down the glass bottles and beat the heat. Happy Summer :D