A world inwards


There are those of us who believe that the universe always conspires.
Conspires to hold you back.
So, they try to fight it with all the might.
With the gadgets, the shacks, the roads and apps.
A constant struggle, day in and day out.
To prove that we’re above it, right?

Slowly the pain amplifies, the soul aches and body cries.
But we still continue to fight, with all the remaining might.
The cycle continues till the end of time.
And then again, another fight.
But few of us get pass through this fence.
They break the norms.
They break the code.
And, all that the world would term as ‘common sense’

They journey into a different world.
A world inwards.
With the trees, the ripples of sea and the mountains that see.
With the breeze, the tides and moon light.
With the sun, its rays and the warmth inside.
They take it all in.

They smile, they feel and a different universe they see.
They whisper to it,

” I am you and you are me”

– Words by Hardik Nagar
(Who blogs at That Indian Minimalist. )


The Road Less Travelled

The road less travelled

Between conventional societal ways and walking on a less trampled trail,
I choose to live the dream we seldom venture in our thoughts.
Every step, a new path.
Every day, a new quest.
Every desire, a new adventure.
I set out to dance throughout the unexpected.
And sing my travelogues to all who shall listen.

For the better and for the worse,
Here’s to all the dreams that should be lived.

– Sneha Phalle [Guest Writer]

PS: Happy Freedom Day, Sneha :D