Wander Tales


The alarm rung at an ungodly 4 AM and Maa knew it was time for her to flee.
She was up in a jiffy with a sense of serene smile, realizing it was just an hour before her train arrives.
Backpack packed, journey laid and the road set.
With life ahead and wonder within, she was ready to be a wanderer once again.


Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice

He explored the world within.
She ventured outside.
They were a paradox.
They were a symphony.
They were fire and ice.


A world inwards


There are those of us who believe that the universe always conspires.
Conspires to hold you back.
So, they try to fight it with all the might.
With the gadgets, the shacks, the roads and apps.
A constant struggle, day in and day out.
To prove that we’re above it, right?

Slowly the pain amplifies, the soul aches and body cries.
But we still continue to fight, with all the remaining might.
The cycle continues till the end of time.
And then again, another fight.
But few of us get pass through this fence.
They break the norms.
They break the code.
And, all that the world would term as ‘common sense’

They journey into a different world.
A world inwards.
With the trees, the ripples of sea and the mountains that see.
With the breeze, the tides and moon light.
With the sun, its rays and the warmth inside.
They take it all in.

They smile, they feel and a different universe they see.
They whisper to it,

” I am you and you are me”

– Words by Hardik Nagar
(Who blogs at That Indian Minimalist. )

Be Wild.


Let the beauty of nature inspire your human spirit.
Let the grandeur of this planet change you in different dimensions.
Let nature not be a place you visit, but a home.

For many happy trails and youthful wanders.
For more than just a vacation.
For a permanent sense of solitude.

For wilderness.
Our only natural state of being.

Be wild. Literally.


Hear me Roar!

With every new sunrise, the voices turned into whispers and further, into silence. 
Hit by the notions of normal and tied by the demons of self doubt.
 Until one night, they stood up with their stumbling legs. 
The silence broke and the voices roared.
Roared loud enough to create echoes.
Roared loud enough to attain freedom.